HomoQuotable – Matt Moore

“Our gay, ‘married’ neighbors are in sin and alienated from God, but they are still His image bearers and because of that they possess a dignity that is worthy of our love and respect. They are fatally sick, dead in their sins, hostile to God and willfully serving a master (Satan) that hates and violently opposes us (the church), but we are called to love and embrace them – not as believers, but as fellow image bearers – in the very state they’re in. We aren’t called by God to curl our lips at them, teach our children to hate them, or relentlessly blame them for the disintegration of our society. We are called by God to invite them into our lives, into our social circles, and even into our living rooms. Christians, while possessing the greatest love of all within them, have so often been superseded by other non-Christian communities in attitudes of kindness and hospitality, and that’s a horrible shame.” – Ex-gay activist Matt Moore, conceding that the marriage battle is lost and asking Christians to be be nicer about it. This he does by writing for a website which two days ago published a call for his execution.

UPDATE: Freedom Outpost has now deleted its July 2014 post calling for the “lawful execution of homosexuals.” The column was authored by Philip Stallings, who also wrote a now-deleted October 2014 post for Matt Barber’s BarbWire. The Freedom Outpost article was approvingly linked to on Sunday by BarbWire columnist Tim Brown. Yesterday that post was also deleted. The original Freedom Outpost column remains viewable via the Wayback Machine.