Florida Hater Still Has The Sadz

Stemberger once declared that same-sex marriage was a fight “worth dying” over, but instead he’s just going to continue his impotent whinging. From the poll he cites:

Saint PetersBlog commissioned St. Pete Polls to look at same-sex marriage in a poll which was released on Tuesday. The poll finds 39 percent of Florida voters consider the legalization of same-sex marriage to be bad while 34 percent think it is good and 27 percent are either undecided or neutral on its impact.The poll finds a major partisan divide on the issue. While 46 percent of Democrats think the legalization of same-sex marriage is good, 29 percent think it is bad. A majority of Republicans — 55 percent — think the legislation of same-sex marriage is bad while 18 percent think it is good. Independents are divided with 43 percent thinking same-sex marriage is good while 27 percent oppose it.

In other words, 61% of Floridians either support or don’t care about same-sex marriage.