Concernstipated Women: Disney’s Frozen Is Totally A Threat To “Real Masculinity”

Via the Daily Beast:

‘Fox & Friends’ claims that Frozen empowers women by saying all men are fools and villains, and is therefore bad for society and harmful to little boys. For the love of god. There was a segment by the fearless thought leaders on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, impressively delivered by all with a straight face, that claimed that the success of hit Disney animated film Frozen, a film about the love between sisters and a snowman who loves the beach, is a dire threat to masculinity as we know it. Yo, I get it. I’m a man. And as a man I know there’s nothing more manly than being afraid of a Disney Princess. In a timely segment airing 14 months after Frozen hit theaters, Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy wonders whether a film like Frozen is problematic, as it is “empowering girls but turning our men into fools and villains?”

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