CHARLOTTE: Haters To Stage Monday Rally Against LGBT Rights Ordinance

Via press release:

The City of Charlotte is poised to pass a burdensome ordinance that will further regulate businesses, involuntarily shackle them to a political agenda, and erode their clients’ most basic sense of security that many have come to expect and enjoy in North Carolina’s premier city. On March 2, 2015 the Charlotte City Council will vote on whether to amend the non-discrimination policy requirements for businesses that offer their services to the public (i.e. public accommodations), businesses that have contracts with the city, and businesses that offer vehicles for hire such as taxis and limousines. Public accommodations include retail stores, counseling businesses, schools, parks, gyms, museums, athletic stadiums, whether these are privately owned businesses or not. If you conduct business in Charlotte you will be required to allow men to use the female restrooms, showers, and locker rooms. Most businesses already have all-encompassing non-discrimination policies that have worked effectively for many years. Additionally, this law is unnecessary because there is not widespread discrimination of these groups to begin with.

Bolding is motherfucking mine. The hate rally is at 4PM outside the Charlotte City Council chamber.  JMG readers in Charlotte, please send us your photos and video if you attend.