ARKANSAS: Apple Denounces Bill To Allow Businesses To Refuse LGBT Customers

Via the Human Rights Campaign:

This week, Apple Inc., the world’s second largest information technology company, issued the following statement condemning the anti-LGBT bill in Arkansas, HB 1228 – a bill that could allow any person to undermine state laws by citing their personal religious belief as an excuse to discriminate against others: “At Apple inclusion inspires innovation. Our employees in Little Rock have a right to equal treatment under the law, as do their coworkers in Cupertino and around the world. We join the many voices across Arkansas in opposing HB1228 and we urge the State’s legislators to vote against the bill.” As written, HB 1228 would allow individuals to sue government actors—including teachers, firefighters and police officers—if that individual believed that their personal religious beliefs were being violated. Yesterday, the bill suffered a setback in the Senate Judiciary Committee. HRC Arkansas remains committed to fully defeating the bill.

Similar bills are in progress in multiple states. Last week Arkansas banned any municipality from enacting an LGBT rights ordinance.