ALABAMA: Roy Moore’s Wife Loses Bid For Post With State Republican Party

“Congratulations to Lynn Robinson on her election as Secretary! From the beginning she and I agreed to have a clean campaign-we are friends. I am thankful for all of you who voted for me. I am sure Lynn will do an excellent job. Let’s move forward and continue to work together as I said in my speech. Thank you and may God Bless You!’ – Foundation For Moral Law head Kayla Moore, in a Facebook post acknowledging defeat in her bid to be elected the secretary of the Alabama Republican Party.

More about the election:

Terry Lathan, the leader of the Mobile County Republican Party, was elected chairwoman of the Alabama Republican Party at the party’s executive committee meeting this morning. I will work very hard to do everything I can for you,” Lathan said, after defeating former state legislator Mary Sue McClurkin. Lathan, a pro-life advocate, said it is time for party unity. She has served in the Republican Party for 35 years and has 15,000 volunteer hours with the party. Members of the Alabama Republican Party spoke a lot about party unity during its Saturday morning meeting. Many direct and indirect comments were also made against gay marriage.”I pray that we elect unifiers and not dividers,” outgoing Alabama Republican Chairman Bill Armistead said in his opening remarks.

You may recall that earlier this month Armistead declared that God will destroy America over same-sex marriage.