ALABAMA: Haters Plan Another Rally

Since a massive crowd in the tens showed up the first time, Sanctity Of Marriage Alabama is planning another rally this weekend.

Please join Christians from across Alabama for a Sanctity of Marriage Rally at the Alabama State Capitol; Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 10:00 am. Be a voice for God’s definition of marriage – the sacred union between one man and one woman. Another activist Federal Judge is working hard to overturn Alabama’s Sanctity of Marriage Amendment. 81% of voters supported the amendment in 2006. Alabamians are deeply troubled and outraged. Since February 9th, 2015, probate judges in many counties have issued marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Several have refused, and we applaud their resolve. Some of our leaders have cowered and others have stood firm. On a national and state level the voices for homosexual “marriage” have been loud. They want Christians to remain quiet, keep our views to ourselves, keep the Gospel in the confines of our church, and accept defeat by a Federal Judge. But we can not do that. Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ while the whole nation is talking about marriage – the ultimate picture of Christ’s love for His Bride, the Church.