ALABAMA: Gay Widower Files For Payout In Battle With Evil Former Mother-In-Law

On the first day of same-sex marriage in Alabama, widower Paul Hard was granted an amended death certificate declaring him to have been the legal spouse of his late husband. As we know, Hard’s evil former mother-in-law employed the Foundation For Moral Law in an attempt to thwart Hard’s receipt of his share of the settlement in a wrongful death suit filed following his late husband’s car accident. Today Hard’s attorney filed this request:

Charles David Fancher was survived by his mother, Patricia Fancher. She claims that she as the mother of the deceased, is entitled to the disputed settlement amount as Alabama law does not recognize Paul Hard as the surviving spouse. After the underlying case resolved through settlement, both Paul Hard and Patricia Fancher, through their respective counsel, requested that Beasley Allen maintain the settlement amount in dispute in Beasley Allen’s interest bearing account until it was determined “who” is entitled to the disputed settlement proceeds. The amount of the disputed settlement funds with accrued interest since September 2014, is $552,956.69. Because there exist a dispute as to who is entitled to receive this sum, Lohr and Beasley Allen desire to intervene in this action for the limited purpose to pay the disputed settlement amount into the Court and have the Court disburse the settlement funds once it is decided whether Hard is entitled to the “spousal share” pursuant to Alabama Law.

Per state law, as the surviving legal spouse Hard is entitled to the first $100,000 of the settlement plus 50% of the remaining balance, or about $326,000 in total. See today’s filing at Equality Case Files. And read the SPLC’s story about Hard getting the corrected death certificate.