ALABAMA: AG Files SCOTUS Appeal, Says State Should Not “Regulate Love”

Upon yesterday’s stay extension denial by the Eleventh Circuit Court, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange immediately sent them his notice of appeal to SCOTUS. Late last night he filed that appeal, telling SCOTUS that states are not in the business of regulating love:

The interests supported by opposite-sex marriage are, at the very least, rational. States are not in the marriage business “to regulate love.” Instead, state marriage laws link children to their biological parents (and link these biological parents to each other) by imposing a package of privileges and obligations—such as presumptions of paternity—that make less sense in the context of same-sex relationships. It is not irrational or malicious for state laws to reflect an “awareness of the biological reality that couples of the same sex do not have children the same way as couples of opposite sexes.” It is instead the background against which the institution of marriage has developed over the last several thousand years.

Read the full appeal at Equality Case Files.