There’s A Moon In The Sky

Via Wonkette:

This may be the goofiest thing the Maddow Show has ever run. On the QVC shopping channel, host Shawn Killinger and designer Isaac Mizrahi got into a debate over the true nature of the moon, after Killinger remarked that the swirly pattern on a cardigan looked like the view of Earth from zillions of miles away, like “from planet Moon.” Planet? No, that’s not right. The moon’s a star, isn’t it? And so a shopping channel became the forum for a debate over whether the moon is a planet or a star, or maybe something else. When someone off set finally looked it up on Wikipedia and said it was a “natural satellite,” neither Killinger nor Mizrahi were ready to buy that.

Mizrahi: “Things live on it, I think it’s a planet.”