One Million Moms Vs Hershey

One Million Moms is today claiming “victory” over the Discovery Channel after Delta Faucet and Mars Inc. allegedly pulled all advertising from Naked And Afraid. OMM is now urging followers to deluge Hershey with similar boycott threats. Via press release:

Keep up the great work! Both sponsors that One Million Moms contacted in our previous campaign decided to no longer sponsor “Naked And Afraid.” Delta Faucet and Pedigree (Mars, Inc.) have pulled their support from this disgusting program and from the Discovery Channel’s website. Their ads were not present during the five-hour marathon and are no longer on the network’s site. Please contact The Hershey Company with the information we have provided on our website and request that it no longer sponsor the program “Naked And Afraid” and no longer financially support the Discovery Channel unless the show “Naked And Afraid” is canceled. Urge Hershey to place Discovery Channel on its “do not advertise” list in protest of pushing suggestive material directly into America’s living rooms. Let them know the program is inappropriate and even the commercials are offensive, plus it portrays inappropriate content that their company would probably not desire to be associated with.

In their 2014 recap, OMM bragged they harassed dozens of companies into pulling all advertising from over 25 “anti-Christian” network programs.