OKLAHOMA: State Rep. Sally Kern Introduces Three New Anti-Gay Bills

Oklahoma state Rep. Sally Kern hasn’t been in the headlines lately and yesterday she acted to change that by introducing three new anti-gay bills.

House Bill 1599 is dubbed the “Preservation and Sovereignty of Marriage Act.” House Bill 1598 is called the “Freedom to Obtain Conversion Therapy Act.” A third measure would allow businesses to refuse to provide services to the gay community, among others. Kern, R-Oklahoma City, garnered national attention a few years ago when she said the “homosexual agenda” was destroying the nation and poses a bigger threat to the nation than terrorism. House Bill 1599 says that no taxpayer funds or governmental salaries can be used for the licensing or support of same-sex marriage. “No employee of this state and no employee of any local governmental entity shall officially recognize, grant or enforce a same-sex marriage license and continue to receive a salary, pension or other employee benefit at the expense of taxpayers of this state,” the measure says. “No taxes or public funds of this state shall be spent enforcing any court order requiring the issuance or recognition of a same-sex marriage license.”

The third bill would allow businesses to refuse service “to any lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person, group or association.” (Tipped by JMG reader KaneHau)