More Florida Sadz From John Stemberger

“Our lawyers with Liberty Counsel have asked the judge’s office assigned to the Orange County lawsuit for an emergency hearing, so it is possible, but unlikely that any judge at this point would have the courage to do the right thing and rule in our favor to uphold the law. The peer pressure within the bar and judicial circles is quite heavy and few judges have the backbone to do what is legally and morally right on these issues. As C.S. Lewis said, ‘We make men without chests, and expect from them virtue and enterprise.’” – Florida hate group leader John Stemberger, in an email to supporters which apparently fails to mention that his lawsuit against Osceola County has already been smacked down.

Sunshine State News notes that Stemberger is also pessimistic about SCOTUS.

“While it is not clear where Kennedy will come down on this issue, in Windsor, the last major SCOTUS marriage case, he used very hostile and frankly offensive language to describe people who have a traditional or natural view of marriage. But he also took a state’s rights position in that case, so it is possible that he could give the SCOTUS a majority vote for upholding Florida’s marriage law. A state’s rights decision would immediately reinvigorate the authority of Florida’s Marriage Amendment. On the other hand, it is also possible Kennedy could find a new right to marry under the Equal Protection Clause, which would result in a Roe vs Wade-like marriage decision, which would block any further changes in the law for decades to come. If SCOTUS did come out with a state’s rights ruling then this would create a further confused patchwork of case law and precedent with three categories, legitimate marriages, same sex marriages which are now in question because of the new decision under the newly authoritative marriage amendment and then same sex couples who want to be married and now cannot. But this is precisely the type of confusion the left wants.”