Marriage Cases In Flux Due To SCOTUS

Marriage equality cases in several states have seen some action since Friday’s decision by the Supreme Court to hear the cases out of the Sixth Circuit Court.

North Dakota: Yesterday a federal judge put that case on indefinite hold pending the final ruling from SCOTUS. There had been no action on that case since September.

Georgia: Also yesterday the state asked that its case be suspended until SCOTUS rules. The plaintiffs have not yet filed a response to that demand.

Missouri: The state today asked the Eighth Circuit Court to put their appeal on hold until SCOTUS rules. The ACLU has already filed its opposition to that request unless the Eighth Circuit lifts its stay first. Same-sex marriage remains legal in St. Louis and is recognized statewide.

Ten days ago the Fifth Circuit Court heard oral arguments in the cases out of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Some believe that the Fifth Circuit will wait until SCOTUS rules, others say that a decision could still come at any time.

RELATED: The Mississippi Supreme Court is hearing arguments today in a gay divorce case. It’s not known if that ruling could come before SCOTUS decides on its cases.