Liberty Counsel Has The Florida Sadz

“As a result of the purposeful misinterpretation of Judge Hinkle’s now infamous ‘clarification’ in the federal case Brenner v. Scott, clerks of court throughout Florida began today issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, disregarding their oaths to uphold the Florida Constitution. And despite appeals of Judge Hinkle’s ruling and the state court marriage cases waiting to be heard, Florida Circuit Judge Sarah Zabel yesterday lifted her own stay in one of those cases, Pareto v. Ruvin, to allow same-sex ‘marriages’ to begin immediately in Miami-Dade County. We are witnessing a decay of the rule of law. Judges are lawlessly conducting same-sex marriages. Judge Zabel should be ashamed and should face an inquiry, because her act of performing same-sex marriages for the litigants over which she presides betrays the public trust that judges should be impartial. Judge Zabel should be impeached.” – Hate group leader Mat Staver, in a press release that also trumpets his having authored Florida’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

RELATED: The Liberty Counsel is based in Orlando, where a mass gay wedding took place at City Hall this morning just blocks from their evil lair.