Here Is The Tea Party’s SOTU Response

Via The Hill:

Rep. Curt Clawson (R-Fla.) offered a sunny take on conservative values during the Tea Party State of the Union response, focusing more on the positives than some of his predecessors while taking fewer shots at President Obama. Clawson, a businessman and former college basketball star who won a special election last year, framed the Tea Party as an inclusive movement. “The Tea Party Express and I see an America where solutions rest not in big government but in personal liberties, in free enterprise and in the opportunity for all to pursue their own American dream regardless of race, creed or conditions of birth,” he said in the speech. The Tea Party has faced a rough few elections — Democrats defeated many in 2012 of those who identify with the Tea Party and establishment Republicans blocked out others during the 2014 cycle — and Clawson is not as high-profile a speaker as the Tea Party Express has landed in earlier years.

No mention of marriage or abortion. Interesting.