Headline Of The Day

From the New York Post:

He’s really sinking his teeth into single life. Just months out of jail, “Cannibal Cop” Gilberto Valle is seeking a gal who suits his taste — in an online dating profile that lists “cooking” as a favorite hobby. The Match.com profile proclaims that Valle — who was found guilty of plotting to cook and eat his now-ex-wife, a conviction which a judge later tossed — is seeking a “non-judgmental” woman who’s “a little kinky ;).” Under the handle “AmicableOne14,” the 30-year-old, disgraced former NYPD officer notes he’s a big foodie looking for a woman age 24 to 32 who likes cooking, dining out and wine tasting. Valle, who was released from jail in July, is under a “supervised release” schedule in which he must make curfew. Valle was freed on $100,000 bond after a surprise ruling that tossed his conviction for scheming to kidnap, kill, cook and eat his then-wife and other women — because a judge claimed it was all fantasy. Valle admitted to engaging in depraved online interactions but claimed he never ­in­tend­ed to carry out the grisly plots.