FRC Money Begs On Fired Fire Chief

“After 30 years of distinguished public service, the mayor fired Kelvin Cochran because he self-published a 160-page book written for his church Bible study. This is not the first story we’ve heard about government’s attack on our religious freedoms. In this case, only one half of one page in his book discussed the Biblical view of homosexuality. This example provides us with just the most recent illustration of why — now more than ever — we must stand up for religious freedom. This will be a huge priority for FRC Action this year. As we continue towards our January membership goal, would you consider giving to help us advance this effort? This is not only for the situation with Chief Cochran but for the many others just like him around the country. There are many others and this dangerous trend shows no sign of letting up in 2015. We must stand up to it. That’s why we need your support this year. Would you give $25, $35, $75 or whatever you’re able to join FRC Action and help with the effort? Thank you for considering this. We can’t stand for issues like this in Washington, D.C. without the support of people like you!” – Hate group leader Josh Duggar, via email. (Notice how Cochran’s book is now suddenly written for a Bible study group?)