FLORIDA: AG Pam Bondi Dodges Questions On Dropping Same-Sex Marriage Appeal

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was sworn in to her second term yesterday after which reporters mobbed her on the steps of the state Capitol Building to grill her about the lifting of the ban on same-sex marriage. Bondi twice said she sends her “best wishes” to newly married couples, but dodged questions about dropping her appeal to the Eleventh Circuit Court, merely saying, “We need uniformity.”

One reporter asked, “Is gay marriage a loser, politically?” Bondi: “Gay marriage is what 62% of the voters put in our constitution. You heard my oath this morning. It was to uphold the constitution, regardless. I don’t look at anything politically. I look at it as doing my job and upholding my office.” Bondi ended the interview by appearing to reveal the death of her mother, Patsy Bondi, but I’m not seeing reports of that passing yet. UPDATE: A reader speculates that “I lost my mom” could merely mean that Bondi and her mother had been separated in the crowd.

(Via JMG reader Ed)