Cliff Kincaid Has The Legatus Sadz

“Even while our media pay lip service to freedom of expression in France, the pressure to conform to the left-wing homosexual agenda continues in the U.S. and has now scored a direct hit on the Fox News Channel. Fox News personality Bret Baier has been forced to pull out of a Catholic Christian conference because of homosexual pressure. Once again, for all the world to see, we have a stark example of how the freedom to object to the homosexual agenda is being denied to those in the news business. The ‘Good as You’ militant gay lobby group had attacked Legatus as ‘a very anti-gay organization of Catholics’ because of passages in some of its material opposing the practice of homosexuality and saying that homosexuals can change. The only possible explanation is that the homosexual lobby is so powerful that even the mighty Fox News cannot stand up to the pressure it can generate.” – Cliff Kincaid, head of Accuracy In Media (snork!), in a column that also accuses Fox News of paying “hush money” to the National Gay & Lesbian Journalists Association.

Once again we must congratulate Jeremy Hooper on becoming a militant gay lobby group.

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