ARKANSAS: AG Requests Second Round Of Oral Arguments In State Marriage Case

Newly-elected Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, the first Republican to hold that office in her state, has requested that the state Supreme Court re-hear oral arguments in one of her state’s two marriage equality cases because there are new justices on the bench. In May 2014 a state judge struck down the ban on same-sex marriage in Arkansas and couples began to marry. One week later the state Supreme Court issued a stay on that ruling, bringing same-sex weddings to a halt. In November the state Supreme Court heard oral arguments on that case and that court has not yet issued its ruling. Further complicating the situation, the following week a federal judge also struck down the ban in Arkansas but issued an immediate stay. Late last month former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel, who says he personally supports same-sex marriage, appealed the federal ruling to the Eighth Circuit Court. In short, there are two pending appeals in Arkansas and today’s action is on the May ruling made by a state court.

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