Tony Perkins On Trans Military Service

“Three years into the disaster of open homosexual service, and the Left is already trying to check the next box on its wish list. Of course, we heard the same sound bites in 2011, when the radical Left wanted to throw open the door for homosexuals. Now, deep into the pro-homosexual era, Americans are finally seeing the consequences of that political correctness: sky-high sexual assaults, religious intolerance, record-low morale, and widespread job dissatisfaction. If the administration is interested in letting people serve openly, how about Christians? Or chaplains? While the President has been pulling gays and lesbians out of the closet, he’s been shoving men and women of faith in. If this is about pride and tolerance, then it’s time to extend that same courtesy to the majority of our service members, who’ve been living under the administration’s dark shadow of religious hostility far too long.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, responding to news that the Secretary of the Air Force is open to transgender military service.