Headline Of The Day

From the Telegraph:

A teenage girl hanged herself because she feared telling her devoutly Christian parents she might be gay, an inquest has heard. Elizabeth Lowe, 14, known as Lizzie, had confided in friends that she thought she might be a lesbian, but was struggling to reconcile her feelings with her own deep faith. She was also worried about telling her parents, but her father said her fears were misplaced and she would have received a “wealth of love and acceptance”. Lizzie was a top academic performer at Parrs Wood High School and a member of the Scout movement and a musician in a Christian orchestra. Senior Coroner Nigel Meadows said the school couldn’t have done any more to pick up on her distress. Recording a verdict of suicide, Senior Coroner, Nigel Meadows, said:  :She was clearly an intelligent young woman. She was a successful student but was going through issues of developing maturity and exploring her sexuality and was struggling to come to terms with that against her faith beliefs.”

(Via Christian Nightmares)