BRITAIN: Catholic Charity Head Arrested For Distributing Anti-Gay Leaflets

A monk who was arrested in Cambridge earlier this week for distributing homophobic leaflets has been revealed to be the head of a Scotland-based Catholic charity. Via Pink News:

53-year-old Damon Jonah Kelly from Corby, Northamptonshire was arrested on 8 December on suspicion of a Section 5 public order offence. He was bailed until 20 January, at which point he will return to Huntington Police Station in Cambridge. PinkNews has discovered that Kelly, who is actually a monk, is the director of the Scotland based charity the Black Hermits. Leaflets distributed in the city in October claimed that AIDS is God’s punishment for gays, homosexuality is linked to paedophilia, and that transgender people should be exorcised. However, Cambridge Police previously declined to take action to stop the anti-gay leaflets – stating they are covered by freedom of speech laws and are not a crime. A separate arrest was made in Brighton in connection with the distribution of homophobic leaflets last month.