Underoos Are Back (In Adult Sizes)

Cosplay costume alert. Via IO9:

Right now, Hot Topic is selling seven sets — Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Captain America, He-Man and Skeletor — for just under $20 each (new Batman Underoos definitely exist, but they seem to be sold out online). Happily, besides being for kids and adults, that’s a 50/50 split of characters for guys and gals. I suspect — and I certainly hope — that this is just a trial run to see how they sell, and that more will come. If so, given how many licenses Hot Topic carries, do you know what we kind of Underoos we could possibly get if we’re lucky? Deadpool! Transformers! Supernatural! Halo! Harry Potter! Rocky Horror Picture Show! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS AND AWESOME.

The brand first launched in 1977.