SEOUL: Christians Storm Into City Council Meeting, Thwart LGBT Rights Panel

Via the Korea Times:

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) postponed a public hearing on gay rights Thursday after some 200 activists opposed to fair treatment of homosexuals stormed into the capital’s City Hall to stop the proceedings. SMG officials initially planned to gather opinions from a range of experts during the hearing in an effort to draft a Charter of Human Rights for Citizens in Seoul. Experts are divided over whether to include a clause on protecting sexual minorities in the charter. Some Christian groups are vehemently opposed to including this statement — “Every Seoul citizen has a right not to be discriminated against based on sexual orientation, sexual identity, educational background, religion, and the right not to be subject to any form of discrimination banned by law.” Among the protestors were members of the Christian Council of Korea, which represents some 45,000 churches, and is on the record as opposing gay rights.

Earlier this year hundreds of Christians laid down in the street to block Seoul’s gay pride parade.