Liberty Counsel To Magistrates: Don’t Resign Or We Can’t Sue On Your Behalf

The Liberty Counsel yesterday advised state officials not to resign over same-sex marriage because no lawsuit can then be brought on their behalf. Via press release:

“Stand your ground. Do not voluntarily resign your post when confronted with this intolerant agenda.” Staver made these comments after several magistrates in North Carolina resigned because they refused to preside over a same-sex marriage. “I appreciate the conviction of these magistrates, but rather than resign they should remain at their post. Liberty Counsel will represent them, but once they resign there is not much we can do to help,” said Staver. “Where would the Civil Rights movement be if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., voluntarily went home when he faced opposition? Where would we be today if Rosa Parks had voluntarily moved to the back of the bus? The quest for religious freedom was the reason American was born. We cannot voluntarily give up this unalienable right,” concluded Staver.

(Via Good As You)