Family Research Council: “Fascist” Gays Are Calling Us Terrible Names

“Some of us in the social conservative movement are used to being called names and having our motives aspersed by gay activists in the so-called blogosphere. Such persons should be shown the same love by Evangelicals as those believers have been shown by their Savior. Yet showing them such love does not mean their public agenda should not be opposed, vigorously, nor that such opposition is loveless. To those less familiar with the terrain of public abuse, get ready: If they hated Him, they will hate you. The first few waves of attack (you’re a bigot, a homophobe, an ignoramus, etc.) because you express publicly (at the neighborhood party, in the office, in your carpool, in your reading group; in putting up a lawn sign for a socially conservative candidate or openly supporting a pro-marriage initiative) your faith in Scripture’s view of human sexuality might startle, but don’t let them daunt you. Just don’t respond in-kind or, in your word-choices or tone, give your opponents any ammunition for an attack.” – Family Research Council vice president Rob Schwarzwalder, in a Christian Post column that calls us fascists in the second paragraph.