Christian Morality Group: Harvard’s Sex Week Promotes Violence Against Women

The Christian group Morality In Media is ever so pissed about Harvard’s Sex Week, which is a student-sponsored sex education series of seminars currently underway. Via Charisma News:

“With the rise of sexual assault on college campuses one might think that the smart folks at Harvard would avoid promoting porn and violent sexual practices because these are at the root of sexual assault,” said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media. “Yet, Harvard, like all schools conducting sex week events, can’t see the forest for the trees and is promoting sexual violence while pretending to teach proper sex,” she added. One particular workshop includes instruction on how to perform anal sex, which is portrayed in most popular porn videos today despite the long list of dangers associated with such activity. Another workshop encourages students to engage in violent, torture sex and gives them lessons on how to do it. “Harvard is clearly not serious about stopping rape and sexual harassment on their campus if they are promoting an environment where porn, torture sex and risky behaviors are encouraged,” Hawkins said.

That didn’t take long.