Bill Donohue On Terry Bean

“He likes to hide his camera in the smoke-alarm over his bed, videoing kinky sex with his boyfriends. He is one of the biggest porn kings in American history, making a fortune off of ‘barebacking’ videos – the kind of unprotected sex that led directly to AIDS. And when he is not bundling hundreds of thousands of dollars for President Obama, he is riding with him on Air Force One. He was arrested last week in his Portland, Oregon home for rape. Charged with a felony, he is accused of sodomizing a teenage boy in 2013. Meet Terrence Patrick Bean. If a Catholic bishop does not call 911 at the drop of a hat regarding dirty pictures possessed by a priest, he is upbraided by the media and gay leaders. But when a gay superstar is arrested for raping a minor, the same critics say nothing. They never did care about the kid – just the identity of the abuser.” – Bill Donohue, writing for the Catholic League.

FACT CHECK:  When Falcon Studios porn mogul Chuck Holmes died fourteen years ago, Bean agreed to be the executor of his estate, which was liquidated soon after. Per Holmes’ wishes, the proceeds from the sale of his catalog of 70s porn titles were used to establish a foundation which provides grants to HIV/AIDS and LGBT causes. According to the most recent filing of the Charles M. Holmes Foundation, among the donations made in 2012 were grants to the ACLU, Equity Fights AIDS, Oregon’s Equity Foundation, the Pacific Northwest Hospice Foundation, and an LGBT scholarship program at the University of Oregon.