Anonymous: We Spotted Very Anti-Gay Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) At DC Gay Bar

The above Anonymous Twitter account with 1.3 million followers claims to have spotted Tea Party hero and US Senate candidate Rep. Tom Cotton (R-AR) in the crowd at the popular DC gay bar JR’s. I’ve looked at the photos of Cotton that come up on Google Image and just can’t tell from the shot posted to Foursquare. According to Wikipedia, Cotton married a woman early this year and is expecting his first child in the spring.

Earlier this week an NRA endorsement of Cotton appeared on Grindr, but the NRA claims that the ad is fake, so perhaps this Anonymous claim is part of some bizarre campaign to malign Cotton, who has all of the usual far-right Tea Party positions and strongly opposes same-sex marriage. He is considered likely to unseat Sen. Mark Pryor and currently leads in the polls by seven points. (Tipped by JMG reader Brandon)