INDIA: Chat Show Examines LGBT Issues

This weekend popular Indian chat show host Aamir Khan broadcast an examination of the issues LGBT Indians face in a country whose highest court recently recriminalized homosexuality. The first segment (in Hindi) is below, but you’ll probably want to watch the non-embeddable version here, which is subtitled in English. Khan, who appears to be an ally, opened the show by warning the home audience that children should leave the room. Most audience members are not very supportive of the interviewees.

UPDATE: JMG reader Luis found the English-subtitled version on YouTube and I’ve replaced the original Hindi clip. More about the show from Gay Star News:

Guests included transgender woman Gazal Dhaliwal and her parents, popular psychologist Deepak Kashyap and LGBTI activists. Khan listened sympathetically as his LGBTI guests told their coming out stories. Several stressed the importance of parental relationships in shaping their lives and fighting depression and suicidal thoughts. Khan said LGBTI people should not feel fear or shame in accepting their sexual orientation, which they were born with. Doctors explained that homosexuality was not a disease and could not be cured with yoga while lawyers explained the colonial origins of Section 377 of the penal code, which criminalizes gay sex. The show has a reach of 129.6 million and had a massive impact on viewers. The hashtag #FreedomForLGBT became the top trending topic globally on Twitter and 1.7 million missed calls were made to a hotline set up by the show to protest the anti-gay law.

(Tipped by JMG reader Krupa)