Christian Site: Satan Is Celebrating The LGBT Characters On Network Televison

“The prince of the power of the air is celebrating his success this week using media to promote the gay agenda and subtly indoctrinate a generation with the message it’s OK to be gay. GLAAD officially announced that, ‘moving forward, networks must feature significant transgender content in their original programming in order to receive a grade of ‘Excellent’ in its rankings.’ It’s not enough that 3.9 percent of prime-time broadcast scripted-series regulars will be LGBT characters, which is up from 3.3 percent last year. The stats go on and on from there, slicing and dicing LGBT coverage per network, by sex, by recurring and regular characters, and so on. Meanwhile, Christian personalities on prime-time television are largely missing or grossly mischaracterized. When Christian characters do make their way to mainstream television shows, they are usually portrayed as judgmental jerks who run around condemning everyone to hell.” – Jennifer LeClaire, writing for Charisma.