Tony Perkins Has The Seventh Circuit Sadz

“I am very troubled that this court failed to recognize the self-evident truth that children need and deserve a mom and dad. The ruling doesn’t appear to allow society to choose to maintain a coherent definition of marriage. The courts have no true constitutional authority to unilaterally change the definition of our most fundamental social institution. Yet this court is engaging in judicial activism unlike yesterday’s federal court ruling which upheld the right of Louisiana voters to preserve natural marriage in their state’s public policy.

“The Seventh Circuit’s radical departure from natural law and the received wisdom of human history continues to undermine the legitimacy of the courts in the eyes of a majority of Americans. Marriage redefinitions imposed by judicial fiat cannot change the truth about marriage, men, women, children, and parenting. Ultimately, the American people will have the final word as they experience the consequences of marriage redefinition and the ways in which it fundamentally alters America’s moral, cultural and political landscape.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via press release.