SCOTLAND: Polls Split On Final Weekend

Via the Telegraph:

Polling experts said the Scottish independence referendum was “too close to call” on Saturday night as a clutch of surveys gave contradictory pictures of the state of the campaign. A survey of 705 Scots by ICM for The Telegraph suggested that the Yes vote had opened up an eight-point lead over the No campaign. Results of the online poll showed 54 per cent of Scots who have made up their minds planned to vote in favour of independence, with 46 per cent intending to vote against. However, a separate telephone poll of 1,000 Scots by Survation [seen above], released by the Better Together campaign against independence, put the No vote ahead by the same margin. Meanwhile, an Opinium/Observer poll also showed a narrow gap in favour of No. Excluding undecided voters, the poll found 53% of those questioned plan to vote No while 47% intend to vote Yes.

A separate poll taken in England and Wales unsurprisingly shows a strong majority against secession.