NPH On His Italian Wedding

Via the Wrap:

Harris said they chose the destination because it was the first trip the couple took together. It was just one of many connections to firsts for the couple, that has been together for more than a decade. Their song is Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This,” because they obsessed over the first season of “American Idol” together. “A friend of a friend knew a dude who had a castle,” Harris said, explaining how they wound up with their unique wedding venue. Elton John sang a couple of songs and introduced the couple for their first dance, which was of course to Clarkson’s first hit single. His favorite captured moment came at a moment that he didn’t expect to come off quite so perfectly. He had attempted to time off the launching of fireworks to the crescendo of “A Moment Like This,” but had no faith that the small town Italian “local fireworks “dude” could pull it off.