Homocon House Candidate Carl DeMaio Hires & Fires Racist Staffer On Same Day

Homocon GOP House candidate Carl DeMaio hired and then fired a campaign staffer yesterday after discovering racist and anti-Semitic messages on his Twitter feed. 

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio, who is running for the Congressional seat held by Democrat Scott Peters, fired college student Blaise Hahs after tweets containing hashtags like ‘#smartniggaprobzz’ and comments such as “Who wants to drink Vodka tonight? Must have a vagina though,” were discovered on his Twitter timeline. Ironically, the DeMaio camp retweeted Hahs’ announcement that he had been hired by the campiagn, with Hahs writing he was “beyond stoked that I’ll be a regional political director for Carl DeMaio’s congressional campaign.” The candidate added, “Welcome aboard.” Reporters and the Peter’s campaign immediately reviewed Hahs Twitter timeline, discovering a photo of a baby monkey with the words “Kim and Kanye’s baby,” and a picture of a condom package with the words “Israel, it’s still safe to come,” to which Hahs added, “Fuckin’ Jews.” Hahs also captioned a tweet showing a sculpture of a cringing naked man with “Bitch, I said NO TEETH.” Alerted to the tweets, DeMaio pulled the job offer from Hahs.

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