Final FRC Hate Summit Roster

After yesterday’s addition of Sarah Palin, the Family Research Council dropped about a dozen crackpots and deleted their “invited but unconfirmed” names from its Values Voters Summit speakers roster. In addition to the confirmed fuckweasels above, Maggie Gallagher will lead a panel titled “Moral Decline Causes Big Government.” Mat Staver will sit on a panel titled “The Assault On Constitutional Rights In A Nanny State.” NOM’s evil triad of Brian Brown, Frank Schubert, and John Eastman will have a panel all to themselves: “The Future Of Marriage: To The Supreme Court & Beyond.”

Frothy Mix, interestingly, will Skype in from Pluto (or wherever his flying saucer may be) to lead a panel on “Reclaiming Blue Collar Conservatives.” Heritage Foundation anti-gay wonk Ryan T. Anderson will lead a panel about the “tough questions” on “marriage and religious liberty.” (Expect lots of cake talk!)  The most entertaining trio of crackpots promises to be World Net Daily founder Joseph Farah, Janet “Loony Tunes” Porter, and Pastor Rick Scarborough – who will hopefully discuss that class action suit against homosexuality when they talk about “Standing Up To The Assaults On Our Faith”

The list of exhibitors at the Values Voters Summit includes just about every anti-gay and “ex-gay” hate group you’ve ever heard of, including the World Congress of Families and the Red-Caped Catholic Loons, who presumably will provide the usual bagpipe accompaniment to their Hitler Youthian rants. The NRA will be there to demonstrate proper Uzi usage for grade-schoolers and the Association of Mature American Citizens will be handing out materials denouncing those homofascist commies at the AARP. See the whole list here.