Ex-Gays: Put US In The Smithsonian

According to a report on the right-wing CNS News, the “ex-gay” crackpots at PFOX are screaming for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s LGBT history exhibit. The exhibit’s curator is not only open to that, he plans on including materials from numerous anti-gay groups.

[Smithsonian Archives Specialist Franklin] Robinson told CNSNews.com that he would also be willing to collect items from pro-traditional family groups such as the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Marriage: Unique for a Reason Initiative, Concerned Women for America, and the American Family Association.  He said he also plans to collect material from the conservative Values Voter Summit which will be held later this month in Washington. “I am totally open to anybody that’s willing to kind of chat with me or mail me pamphlets because that fleshes this out and it makes it that much more valuable to researchers,” he said. PFOX said that it would be more than willing to provide additional documents to the Smithsonian. “We also have a D.C. Superior Court case four years ago where we won rights of the ex-gays to be included in the D.C. Human Rights Act and we could give them that case as well,” Salvatierra said. “That’s a historical legal case for ex-gay rights and we can give them that document…as well so they can archive that.”

Just like any African-American history exhibit includes materials about the KKK, the story of our people should include examples from the campaigns of the oppressors of LGBT Americans. In this one rare instance, I agree with PFOX.