Billboards Of The Day

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation took a break a from its battle against Truvada to announce the above billboards over I-95 in downtown Miami.

“This series of billboards aims to fight HIV stigma as well as to provide a beacon of emotional light for those living with HIV who hold deep spiritual beliefs,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “The simple images feature one person – in these new Miami boards, Hydeia Broadbent on one version, and AHF advocate Stone on the other – wearing a red T-shirt that unabashedly identifies them as HIV-positive. Each stands between headline text which makes the billboard read ‘God Loves HIV+ Me’. These messages can offer a reminder of the comfort of faith to a newly diagnosed person in the United States as well as help those who may not be able to readily see the breadth of God’s love understand that no one – especially those living with health conditions – are excluded from it. However they speak to each individual, these powerful messages are sure to inspire thought-provoking dialogue about faith and HIV.”