54% Of LGBT Scots Favor Secession

According to an online poll conducted by Pink News, 54% of LGBT Scots plan on voting for independence from Great Britain.

2,163 Scottish readers took part in the poll conducted on the Pink News website on Friday and Saturday. 54% said that they intended to vote yes, 44% said that they would be voting no while 2% said that they were still undecided. Among 1,204 non-Scottish readers of Pink News, 87% said that they opposed independence, 5% supported it, while 8% were unsure. First Minister Alex Salmond told Pink News: “I am delighted this Pink News poll has produced a majority for the Yes campaign, as well as the opportunity to build a fairer country that comes with it. It is a fantastic response from Scotland’s LGBT community and is a further demonstration of the rise in support for a Yes vote we have seen across Scotland. An independent Scotland will herald a new era for equalities, enshrining rights and protections in a written constitution.”

Both the Yes Scotland and Better Together campaigns have been courting LGBT voters. If the overall margin proves to be as tight as predicted, LGBT votes could turn out to be important.