Russia Loves Buttsecks

Via the Moscow Times:

Anti-gay laws or not, Russians are statistically the most ardent consumers of anal sex pornography, according to a study by popular porn site The survey is based on traffic for the Canada-based PornHub, which currently ranks 75th on the list of the world’s most popular websites, according to the Internet analysis site. PornHub did not give any solid figures, saying only that “proportionally speaking, PornHub gets more requests for anal sex from Russia than any other country.” Russia edged out the U.S., Canada, Britain and China on anal-related searches, according to the study, first published last week. PornHub also compared the U.S. with countries it had military conflicts with, and found that America also lost out in terms of anal-related queries to Afghanistan, Iraq and World War II foes Germany and Italy. But Japan, Vietnam and both Koreas were less keen on anal sex than the U.S., the study said.

The story notes that PornHub does not contain Russian-language content.