Poll: Most Republicans Would Be “Upset” If Their Child Turned Out To Be Gay

Via Talking Points Memo:

Six in 10 Republicans would be upset if they had a child who told them he or she was gay, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll. Twenty-three percent of Republicans surveyed said they’d be “very upset” and 37 percent would be “upset.” Just 38 percent said they’d either be “not very upset” or “not upset at all.” By contrast, a total of 28 percent of Democrats would be either “very upset” or “upset” if their child came out as gay or lesbian. Seventy percent said they wouldn’t be upset. Among all national adults surveyed, 35 percent said they’d be upset while 62 percent said they would not be. The findings reflect significant partisan divisions in attitudes toward gay rights amid a national sea change for gay equality. A similar poll conducted in 1985 by the Los Angeles Times found that a whopping 89 percent of adults said they’d be upset if their child was gay; just 9 percent said they’d be okay with it.

The same poll showed support for marriage equality at 54% overall. (Tipped by JMG reader DM)