Koch Brothers Outfit: Gays Should Oppose Immigration Because They’ll Get TB

According to the Koch Brothers’ Franklin Center, gays should oppose immigration because HIV+ people are at risk of contracting tuberculosis from “illegals.”

Somewhere over the rainbow, people with AIDS are dying from tuberculosis. The illegal border-crossers from Central America have a high incidence of TB on their side of their rainbow, and are bringing it into the United States. One demographic that is particularly vulnerable to catching TB and should be made aware of this health hazard is members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. As the border crisis continues with no apparent resolution, more and more unaccompanied minors flood the U.S. are coming from Third World countries. Their health was not good when they started and has deteriorated due to the arduous journey. According to a Department of Homeland Security report, holding facilities for illegal immigrant children are becoming disease-ridden with TB, scabies, chicken pox and respiratory infections. After a stay in holding facilities, these children are being transferred all across the U.S. and they are taking their communicable baggage with them.

With the Heritage Foundation, the Franklin Center is a sponsor of the Breitbart Awards, which last year honored wingnut shrieker Michelle Malkin.