I Did A Podcast For The Friendly Atheist

If you can bear hearing me say “you know” a hundred times, a couple of weeks ago popular Patheos blogger Hemant Mehta invited me onto his Friendly Atheist podcast during which he and his co-host grilled me about my blogging habits, the creation of JMG, and the state (and future) of the LGBT movement. Here’s his somewhat effusive set up:

Our latest podcast guest is Joe Jervis, the prolific blogger at Joe. My. God. Jervis runs quite possibly the most popular personal blog about LGBT issues in the world. He’s been writing on the site for more than 10 years — a lifetime in the Internet world. His site has received multiple awards from groups like GLAAD, CBS News and The Village Voice. We spoke with Joe about how he manages to cover seemingly *everything* in the LGBT world, his unique vacation habits, and the biggest problems in his community. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the podcast. If you have any suggestions for people we should chat with, please leave them in the comments, too.

In addition to the audio file hosted at the link above, the podcast is available for free download at iTunes. Hopefully I don’t sound like a tool.

UPDATE: The podcast is also on YouTube.