Fusion Reports On Bear Week

Via the Fusion Network:

Since 1987, The Discovery Channel has gone deep into the ocean to bring us our favorite part of summer: Shark Week. But to celebrate Fusion’s first summer, AM Tonight wanted to try something a little different: Bear Week. We’re not talking about the 600-pound run-for-your-life grizzly bear type, but rather, the subset of gay men who since the early ’80s have been redefining body image within gay culture. To better understand and celebrate this group of men, our show traveled to Provincetown, Massachusetts. For years, Provincetown — or P-town, as it’s affectionately known — has been a popular gay destination and the host of the annual Bear Week celebration. The annual event isn’t just good fun, it’s good business. Local business owners say Bear Week is one of the busiest times of year, yielding huge profits.