Freep This Virginia Poll

The poll is here. Today is the day for Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to give us the decision or do nothing and allow the stay to expire. In the unlikely event that the stay is not continued, marriages commence tomorrow morning.

At courthouses across the commonwealth, more than 60 clergy will stand ready on Thursday to perform ceremonies as soon as licenses are issued. If the Supreme Court does not issue a stay, the state’s vital records department and supreme court plan to electronically send out marriage applications and licenses to circuit court clerks Wednesday afternoon, said Brian Coy, press secretary for Gov. Terry McAuliffe. “There are a lot of questions as far as the administrative aspects go,” Coy said. “We’re working on getting ready.” The draft version changes “bride” and “groom” to “spouse,” said Tina Sinnen, clerk of the Virginia Beach Circuit Court. But it’s not final, and clerks have been warned it still may change. If the city’s vendor who supplies such documents can’t get new ones done in time, Sinnen said she may have to rely on the one computer in her office that can access the new forms in the state supreme court’s computer system. That could mean a slower process and longer lines, she warned. “We’re doing the best we can, and we hope people are patient,” said Sinnen, who also is president of the Virginia Circuit Clerk’s Association. “We think they will be. They’ve waited a long time for this to come to fruition. What’s another 30 minutes?”

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