Death Row Jesus

Via the Christian Post:

The man behind the controversial “Tattoo Jesus” movement will launch a new campaign “Death Row Jesus” on Wednesday to spread the message that God was the “worse criminal” while on earth. David L. Miller of the Little Pencil organization is known for his thought-provoking marketing campaigns that promote the Gospel. Last year, he erected 59 billboards throughout Lubbock, Texas, depicting the image of Jesus Christ clad in tattoos. But this time, he is opting for digital video advertisements that will launch in major cities throughout the U.S. “When people think about Jesus, they don’t think about him being on death row, but if you think about what he did when he was on earth, that’s really the experience he had,” Miller told Lubbock’s NBC affiliate KBCD 11. He continued, “We communicate very directly that Christ became the worst criminal in history when he took our mistakes on himself. The second message is we are all equally undeserving of God’s grace.” Part of the video depicts Jesus in an orange prison jumpsuit as He is beaten to the ground. Another part transitions to the scene of the crucifixion where He is dying at the same time that other inmates in prison are being set free.

Last year Miller lost a federal lawsuit after trying to force a Texas public high school to display  Tattoo Jesus on the jumbotron at football games. Alliance Defending Freedom is appealing the ruling.

VIDEO: Here’s the graphically violent Death Row Jesus campaign that will begin appearing tomorrow. It’s not clear where the clips will appear, but the budget is reportedly in the “hundreds of thousands.”