TORONTO: Shirtless Bear Jogger Confronts “Homophobe” Mayor Rob Ford

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was met with jeers and insults when he marched in his city’s Canada Day Parade this afternoon. One passerby in particular captured the media’s attention when he repeatedly called Ford a racist and a homophobe Via CBC News:

Ford was at one point confronted by local resident Joe Killoran — a Toronto-area teacher who was apparently out for a jog when he crossed paths with the mayor’s entourage. Killoran hurled questions and accusations at Ford while the mayor’s staff attempted to intercede. “Answer one of the million questions people have for you,” Killoran said. “People have a million questions about your lying and your corruption.” Ford did not respond to Killoran. Someone in the crowd asked if he was working for one of Ford’s political rivals. “Do I look like I’m with a campaign?” Killoran, who was shirtless at the time, responded. “I’m an East York guy out for a jog.”

(Tipped by JMG reader Aaron)

UPDATE: A couple minutes of Google-stalking reveal that Killoran is a high school teacher who has written at least a few newspaper op-eds on educational issues. In 2011 the Toronto Star published his essay on the rights of LGBT students in Catholic schools. An excerpt:

Catholic apologists argue that church doctrine does not discriminate against gays but teaches adherents to “hate the sin, not the sinner.” This is the same position taken by the church toward pedophiles, rapists, murderers and war criminals. Does anyone seriously believe that classing gays with the most hated members of society will encourage heterosexual students to accept and befriend them? Proponents of public Catholic education point out that it is constitutionally protected. The fact that gay students enjoy equal constitutional protection to be free from discrimination is seldom mentioned. Eventually a choice will have to be made between the rights of the publicly funded Catholic school boards and the rights of its vulnerable gay students.

Yeah, we like this guy.