Tony Perkins Has The Colorado Sadz

“Most people have seen the movie Groundhog Day — and now, thanks to the courts, they’re living it. Every morning, Americans seem to be waking up to the same headlines on marriage: judge strikes down marriage amendment in [fill in the state]. Wednesday, reporters on the marriage beat had another easy day cutting and pasting the same constitutionally flawed reasoning from a court in Colorado. The string of states taking aim — not only at marriage law, but the democratic process — now numbers 16, thanks to the politically correct thinking of Judge Scott Crabtree. Eight years after the state voted to protect natural marriage, one district court judge decided he knew better than 855,126 voters and struck down the amendment. For conservatives, it’s déjà activism in a news cycle that continues to be dominated by a misunderstanding of the Supreme Court’s Windsor decision last summer.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.